People 1971 and 1972

David Freeman in front of one of the 57th Med Detachment’s “White Elephant” Hueys in early 1972.
A young, thin David Freeman with his friend Lieu Thu Thuy near the Dustoff BOQs at Navy Binh Thuy.
Friends at Navy Binh Thuy. These Women all worked at the PX.
Timothy Zeri and Steve Purchase in the foreground with their creation a Barling Bomber.
Bob Whiting
Ray Cech at his desk in Danang, where he was Operations Officer for Danang Dustoff. Ray, originally from Minnesota, retired from the Army and and as of 2005 was still flying for a living in Arizona.
One of our hooch maids at Binh Thuy, known to us as “My Little Chicadee”, putting a spit shine on some of our boots.
1LT Chris Seidor poses in full combat gear on the asphalt pad near downtown My Tho.
C.J. Monlezun in Dustoff Operations. Behind C.J. is a map of IV Corps. C.J., originally from Seguin, Texas, now lives in Ducson, Louisiana.
Relaxing during off-duty hours at the Officer’s Club, from left to right – Gary Chester (Dustoff pilot), Mary Atkinson (Donut Dolly), and David Freeman (Dustoff Pilot)
Aubrey Lange, Coe Vanh, Dan Seaman, Special Forces advisor – Major _____.
Mary Atkinson, a Donut Dolly from New Orleans, returning from a swim at the Third Surg swimming pool.
Ha, in the background and Baby-San, in the foreground. Ha is pointing out Baby-San’s swollen tummy. She had her baby and was back at work within a few days.
Rick Slade and George Payne in the Supply Room at Binh Thuy. Rick was the 57th’s Maintenance Officer and George was his assistant.
Mike Robbins preflights A/C 16248 in the revetment at Navy Binh Thuy.
David Freeman – Newbie.
Tom Pierce, one of our crew chiefs. This photo was taken while Tom was in training at Fort Eustis prior to going to Vietnam. Tom lives in Friendship, Wisconsin.
David Freeman as Supply Officer at Navy Binh Thuy.
David’s dog Little Bear who adopted him at Long Binh and flew many mIssions on the console of David’s helicopter

By David Freeman

Professional dedicated to training and equipping people to live safely in a dangerous world.

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