Vietnam Delta Photos

Various photos from around the Vietnam Delta. These were all taken by David Freeman during his tour from October 1971 until September 1972.

This is the site of a medevac we made the previous night in the dark. It was a small village outpost along a canal that was raided by the VC during the night.
Dong Tam was the home of an ARVN training camp and a war museum. For us it was a frequent refueling spot.
My Tho was a town on the Mekong River where we dropped off a lot of our ARVN patients.
Downtown Can Tho
Can Tho Streets
One of our white Dustoff Hueys at Dong Tam
Captured Weapons at Dong Tam
Convoy to Long Binh
Loading on the Ferry
On the Road
Crossing the Bassack
Farmer on his water buffalo’s back
Roof party in Can Tho at the CIA station chief’s house.
Can Tho Raceway. Guys built go karts from various pieces of flight line machinery and raced them here.
The 57th Med’s go kart.
Nha Be, a favorite fuel stop.
Saigon River

By David Freeman

Professional dedicated to training and equipping people to live safely in a dangerous world.

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