Navy Binh Thuy Photos

Navy Binh Thuy was created as a base for US Navy River Patrol Boat (PBR) Operations on the Bassac River. It is located just a few miles west of Can Tho. The base grew to become home to the Black Ponies (VAL-4), Seawolves (HAL-3), Third Surg Hospital (M.A.S.H.), US Army Engineers, and Delta Dustoff (57th & 82nd Med Detachments).

A scene from the downwind leg east of the field. In the distance to the west is Air Force Binh Thuy. This photo was taken in late 1971.
Approaching Runway 21 from over the Bassac River.
This view is from the southwest. The quonset huts in the middle left portion of the picture are the 3rd Surg (MASH) hospital. The angled buildings at the bottom right are the where the Army Engineers were located. The two yellow hangars are Navy.
View from the south. In the bottom right of the picture is the ammo dump that was blown up in the summer of 1972.
Third Surg and Dustoff living quarters.
Outside the balcony of WO1 Freeman’s living quarters.
Similar to previous photo. Note the rocket tubes filled with sand used to protect the lower floors during rocket or mortar attacks and the nurse sunbathing on the bunker.
1LT Bob Whiting (left) and Cpt. Aubrey Lange (center) look on as WO1 Gary Chester pets the 57th’s mascot, Irv.
Outside Dustoff Operations at Navy Binh Thuy. White building in the background is the PX. The two guys on the left are carrying a case of smoke grenades to the runway for a parting salute for Jack Grass and Terry Greer.
Parting salute for somebody going home.
Jack and Terry head for home as the remaining Dustoffers wave goodbye.
As the smoke clears, it’s time for a little frisbee on the runway.
Young entrepreneurs outside the main gate. The young man in the center has a cooler of ice cream to sell to the soldiers and sailors coming and going.
Living conditions just outside the main gate at Navy Binh Thuy in 1971.
Vietnamese workers, overseen by a U.S. NCO, mow the grass using hand scythes. The building behind them is the Army NCO club at Navy Binh Thuy.
All work and no play makes for a tough war. The Third Surg had its own swimming pool.
This beautiful photo was not taken at some tropical island. This is looking out across the cess pool in the southwest corner of Navy Binh Thuy, not far from the Dustoff quarters.

By David Freeman

Professional dedicated to training and equipping people to live safely in a dangerous world.

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