Dustoff in Action

Various photos of Dustoff crews in action throughout Vietnam.

This Dustoff mission occurred in 1967 near Dak To. Often the Dustoff pilots weren’t able to land, but hovered over rough terrain while the wounded where loaded aboard.
This Dustoff mission occurred in 1966 in support of the 1st Infantry Division. The Huey in this photograph is a D model.
This photo and the next one were taken from a Chinook while an Eagle Dustoff ship performed a rescue mission over terrain that would not allow landing.
Patients aboard, the Eagle Dustoff sihp begins its run to the nearest hospital.
David Freeman in front of one of the White Elephants, ‘Alive ‘n Kickin’ in early 1972. This picture was taken at Navy Binh Thuy.
The front office of a Huey on the way to a mission. Not nearly as busy or heroic as the Guys in Back respectfully referred to as GIBs.
Danang Dustoff’s white Hueys on the ramp at Danang near Red Beach and Marble Mountain.
On approach to the Long Binh Dustoff helipad. Note the Dustoff cap on top of the intrument panel.
Dustoff Huey in one of the revetments at Navy Binh Thuy
After the war, back in the States, Dustoff continued its lifesaving mission with the M.A.S.T. (Military Assistance to Safety and Traffic) program.

By David Freeman

Professional dedicated to training and equipping people to live safely in a dangerous world.

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