C.J. Monlezun Photos

This gallery consists of photos taken by WO1 C.J. Monlezun in and around Navy Binh Thuy during his tour with the 57th Medical Detachment – 1970-1971

Wo1 Ron Schulz (KIA – October 13, 1971), WO1 Nick Ferenz, 1Lt Larry McKinley
1st Lt. Bob Whiting from West Virginia
Refueling at Chou Duc
1LT Steve Hamman and WO1 C.J. Monlezun
Bob Whiting and Steve Hamman
Resupply of whole blood for the 3rd Surg. The passenger with the beard is a Navy guy.
C.J.’s VC Flag, which he gave away because it was too big.
C.J.’s desk, short calendar and all.
Cpt. Al Howard, 1LT Dick Chapin, WO1 John Johnson at the club.
CW2 Rick Miller
Cpt. Al Howard, Dustoff 75 before C.J. had that call sign. Returned to San Antonio after tour.
Cpt. Al Howard, W01 John Travers, 1LT Dick Chapin, CW2 Gary Kicker enjoying O’ Club floor show.
Cash at Kingsville. Cash was a Navy supply NCO that liked to fly. We traded night combat missions for shrimp and other food. Told him if he got shot we’d have to throw him out – completely unauthorized.
Dick Chapin – Washington State
US and VNAF Dustoff choppers beside Navy Binh Thuy airstrip
Long buildings at the top left are 3rd Surg (MASH) hospital. The Navy Binh Thuy control tower is centered in the foreground.
WO1 Gary Chester from El Paso, TX – C.J. and Gary arrived in Vietnam together and left together.
CW2 Rick Slade – Maintenance Officer

By David Freeman

Professional dedicated to training and equipping people to live safely in a dangerous world.

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