White Elephants

David Freeman Back in the States there was a move on to gain support for the military. One of the ways this was accomplished was through a program called MAST (Military Assistance to Safety and Traffic). MAST was a pilot program being tried in San Antonio and a few other places around the country. In… Continue reading White Elephants


David Freeman The monsoon season hit. I never dreamed it would get cold in Vietnam. Walking around in sweat-drenched flight suits, waiting for the sun to go down and a slight breeze to kick up had become a way of life. Now, suddenly, everything was different. The days were windy with dark clouds overhead and… Continue reading Twister

Cobras In Action

David Freeman With the Viet Cong on the move throughout the Delta, the VNAF Dustoff crews could not keep up with their missions. We began helping them again during the day, along with flying most of the night missions ourselves. Gunships were usually available during the daytime and we began to work regularly with Cobras… Continue reading Cobras In Action

Awards and Decorations

By David Freeman We all had additional duties to perform when not flying. First Lieutenant Chris Seidor had an especially challenging job. He was the Awards and Decorations officer, as well as the unit historian. It was his job to write up acts of bravery and submit recommendations for medals and other awards. He had… Continue reading Awards and Decorations

Dustoffs at Night

By David Freeman By late 1971, the American Dustoff crews in the Delta had transferred the bulk of the daytime ARVN medevac support to the Vietnamese Air Force (VNAF). The VNAF medevac pilots, despite their vast flight experience, were not inclined to fly at night. The 57th Medical Detachment continued to fly night medevac missions… Continue reading Dustoffs at Night