Vietnam Aircraft Photos

An actual Jesus Nut, otherwise known as the main rotor retaining nut, from a UH-1H helicopter
Dehaviliand Beaver on the runway at Navy Binh Thuy- 1971.
Caribou offloading supplies
Shorts Skyvan on the runway at Navy Binh Thuy. This aircraft was operated by Continental Airways (owned by the CIA) and made daily stops at Navy Binh Thuy.
Navy CH-46. Behind the CH-46 is a VNAF Dustoff sitting beside the runway.
CH-47 Chinook recovering a battle-damaged Huey.
CH-54 Flying Crane
Dustoff ships didn’t fly in formation often. This was on an admin trip from Navy Binh Thuy to Saigon/Long Binh.
Dustoff 79 (Chris Seidor) makes a running landing after a hydraulics failure.
Navy OV-10s (Black Ponies) entertain us with an impromptu airshow.
White Huey in its revetment at Navy Binh Thuy.

Just in case you’ve missed how good a target thse white Hueys made, here’s another shot with the target in plain view.

By David Freeman

Professional dedicated to training and equipping people to live safely in a dangerous world.

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